How to use Powershell Deployment Toolkit – on one laptop

This post is not a step-by-step guide, it is a Collection of informations that i have gathered to make it work for me on one laptop.

Powershell Deployment Toolkit is not perfect, i have experienced a lot of errors, but the latest version 2.5.2509 is better than ever:

The tookit can be downloaded here:

Run all scripts in an elevated powershell command promt:

1. Run “Downloader.ps1” to get all required files – will take many hours.

2. Create the two reference OS VHDX files. Server 2012 R2 and Server 2008R2 SP1. All you need is the .ISO file and then follow my other post (EASY!):

3. Modify the “VariablesAD.XML” with the settings you like, BUT rather move files that change here, the way of success i make as little changes as possible.

4. Change the VariableAD.XML file to Variable.xml and delete the other version.

5. Create the Virtual Switch on your HyperV Manager – Default “CorpNet01” (choose Private, internet access is not required)

6. run “VMCreator.ps1” and it will create all VM’s and push the installation files into the VM’s and the DC01 will be the one to drive the installation, it is save to log in on it when the other VM’s are booting up.

I ran this script on a Dell Pricision M6700 laptop with 32gb og memory and a raid 0 on two SSD drives on Windows 8.1 in a Workgroup. 16gb of memory is pushing it and requires that you pause the VMcreator.ps1 script when it is booting VM’s around half way, so the dynamic memory can drop a bit before resuming the powerhshell script.

So. One laptop, one private (closed) Virtual Network in hyper-v and time.

Troubleshooting PowerShell Deployment Toolkit:

Of you want at step by step guide, i can recommend this one: