Intune Company Portal gives 401 acces denied – SOLVED

When trying to logon to the Intune Company Portal app on Android, IOS or Windows Phone it will give you an 401 Acces Denied error on the integrated webpage.

This is because Intune cannot handle the ADFS “integrated windows authentication” form page for authentication, which is the small popup box that is shown on webpages where you use your ADFS server for authentication.

You need to change the ADFS Authentication Type to “Forms authentication”

You can change the authentication type by locating the web.config of adfs\ls\ virtual directory on ADFS server. Change the order of the localAuthenticationTypes element so the “Forms authentication” is at the top shown below.

Authentication Types

  • Forms authentication
  • Integrated windows authentication
  • Client certificate authentication
  • Basic authentication

Forms authentication will look like below


Did it help?, please let me know.

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