Install a Configuration Manager 2012 R2 in a lab – 4. Install SQL Server 2012 SP1 (Powershell)

IT's magic!

I finished my experiment with unattended installation of SQL Server 2012. It was not that complicated I guessed but you cannot say it’s easy. So many setup switches…

What you have to do before starting the script I wrote (it’s at the end of this blog):

  • Copy the content of the SQL installation sources to disk
  • create an folder in this sources which is called “SQLUpdates” (you can name it different)
  • Copy the Service Pack 1 and the Hotfix KB2793634 into the folder created

Following the script/command line I wrote, start from the root of the source files folder:

/UpdateEnabled=1 /UpdateSource=.SQLUpdates
/features=”SQLEngine” “RS” “SSMS”
/AGTSVCACCOUNT=”NT AuthoritySystem”
/SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS=”labordomain admins” “laboradministrator”
/SQLSVCACCOUNT=”NT AuthoritySystem”

Now I explain the different switches I used:

/ACTION=Install –> install SQL
/IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS –> to accept the license terms

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